Being the most coveted citizenship in the world Canada recognizes foreign nationals to be awarded honorary citizenship over eligible factors.

Application Requirement

The minimum required age of the applicant is 18 years. If below minimum age then that adopted applicant’s parent, adoptive parent or legal guardian, or single parent should be a Canadian citizen or must apply to become a Canadian citizen.


Canada’s 2 official languages, English and French require applicants to show basic skills in any one of them. Also, language supporting certificate/document proof is required.

Permanent Resident

Only permanent residents (PR) of Canada can apply for citizenship, and their PR status must not be on hold or under review for any reason (especially prohibited ones).

Stay Period

An applicant applying for citizenship must have stayed in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days for 5 years before forwarding a citizenship application. Underage applicants do not require such conditions. There are exceptions to Crown servants too that need no stay period conditions.

Tax Proof

Proof of all income tax paid in 3 taxation years in full or part-payments within 5 years must be presented in the citizenship case.

Desire to Live

Applicant’s intention to live or why to work outside Canada as a Crown servant must be mentioned.

Knowledge of Canada

Applicants should have knowledge of Canada’s fundamental rights, responsibilities, voting laws, and privileges before applying. Such information helps applicants during an interview that is bound to answer them.

Zero Criminal Record

Criminal records are a total NO on applicants; even crime committed outside Canada is not accepted.

Former Citizens
Former Canadian citizens wishing their Canadian citizenship back must consider the same above mentioned requirements. But note, that if their citizenship was taken away due to fraud or other prohibited reasons then they are not eligible to apply.