Permanent Residency Visa

Every year millions of people become Canadian permanent residents. Most do so by obtaining permanent residency (PR) first, to finally get awarded with citizenship. Permanent resident status of an individual assists country in terms of economic, political and social growth, besides enjoying many similar rights and benefits given to its citizens.

Following Canadian immigration programs allow an individual to become Permanent Resident.

• Express Entry (EE)
• Business Class Immigration
• Family Class Immigration
• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
• Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Application Requirement

• Age
• Education
• Language Skill
• Work experience
• Home country national ids, driving license, etc.
• Medical certificate.
• Crime free records.
• Educational degrees, diplomas, certificates, language/skill test results, & etc.
• Sponsor / Invitation letter.
• Financial fund proofs.
• Refugee status
• Other docs as applicable.

Benefit of PR

• Free healthcare.
• Work, settle, and study in any Canadian province.
• Eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship
• Protected rights under Canadian law

PR Card

A selected applicant for permanent resident status is issued a permanent residency (PR) card. The card shows his/her PR identification.The expiry period of a PR card is 5 years with a minimum period being 1 year. It is advisable to always carry your PR cards whenever you travel inside or outside Canada.