Visitor Visa

With its beauty and glory applauded by all, Canada is one of the most sought after destinations worldwide. Friendly locales with a welcoming nature make tourists want to explore this land more and more.

If planning to visit Canada, apply for a Tourist Visa, also known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) that allows you to see Canadian destinations for a period, and who knows you may change your intention to settle here forever afterward.

The validity of a tourist visa is 6 months and can be extended.

Applicant Requirement
  • Individual valid passport.
  • National IDs / Citizenship
  • Purpose of travel.
  • Letter of invitation (if any) from a Canada based citizen.
  • Itinerary like air ticket, hotel booking, stay period, return ticket, etc.
  • Zero criminal or previous immigration fraud records (police clearance certificate).
  • Show the intention to return to your home country.
  • Thorough medical checkup record.
  • Fund proof to support your stay, travel, etc. expense.
  • To not indulge in any illegal activity
Type of Tourist Visa

  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) – Online Process

    • eTA is electronically linked to your passport.
    • The validity of eTA is 5 years.
    • Simple, quick approval, and inexpensive.

  • Application Package – Offline Process

    When applying offline, an application package is required. The form inside the package having all particulars needs to be completed with the required documents. Pay the application fee along with your application file for processing your visa.

  • Process Duration

    Tourist Visa applications are processed within weeks or less depending on the immigration office. Post submitting an application, it undergoes thorough review by the immigration authorities. If your application/documentation is incomplete, then it is sent back for completion or gets rejected.

    Sometimes a visa officer may call you for an interview before you travel to Canada.
    Due to good diplomatic relations, some countries do not require a visa to visit Canada

Nationalities Requiring Visa for Canada

Afghanistan Guatemala Pakistan
Albania Guinea Palau
Algeria Guinea-Bissau Palestinian Authority
Angola Guyana Panama
Antigua and Barbuda Haiti Paraguay
Argentina Honduras Peru
Armenia India Philippines
Azerbaijan Indonesia Qatar
Bahrain Iran Romania
Bangladesh Iraq Russia
Belarus Israel Rwanda
Belize Ivory Coast Sao Tomé e Principe
Benin Jamaica Saudi Arabia
Bhutan Jordan Senegal